The Excitement is in the Details

From Seattle to Mexico

Lynn Carlton,Your Host

Seattle, Then to Mexico

Lynn spent twelve years transforming some thirty rather creaky homes into fresh, livable residences in Seattle. Although Lynn loved her real estate and remodeling career, she wanted to bring more creativity to her work and encourage it in a foreign country where color was an everyday factor. The artist community and preserved architectural splendor of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, seemed like the perfect location to do just that. Lynn moved to the “land of color and craft” in 2006 to begin devoting her time and attention to designing and remodeling vacation homes. It was here she began to combine her business skills with her creativity to bring well-thought-out, beautiful vacation rentals to travelers who wish to experience Downtown San Miguel and everything it has to offer while staying in well-appointed, traditionally and tastefully decorated accommodations.

The Excitement Is In The Details!

The most exciting phase of building a new place is when everything gets pulled together. I love the details, making sure that one thing plays with another in perfect harmony. I’m always on the hunt for that specific hand-selected ingredient. The beauty of Latin America is being able to design a particular piece that can be made by one of the many talented artisans. Seeing it all come together like a glorious puzzle is very rewarding.

My Story

I have always loved to fix and design. When I began my real estate career, selling new construction homes, I soon realized that the best part of the job was meeting with interior designers and architects and watching as the more artistic elements of the construction fell into place. After 13 years of owning a real estate company, I built two spec homes on Magical Orcas Island in Washington State. Then, I undertook a major remodel of a cabin on the water. Something clicked in me while transforming the house; I knew I had found my passion…remodeling.

A selection of Lynn’s Custom Crafts

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